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TBT is a dermatology start up with novel mechanisms of action. We are re-purposing generic and off patent compounds approved for oral and intravenous use for topical use to exploit our MOAs. Re-purposing allows us to get to market quickly at a fraction of the cost of developing a new molecule, shortening the time for our solutions to come to market.

TBT Vision

We will become a world leader in topical dermatology. TBT has 4 pipeline patented products that can be used to treat multiple skin conditions, with potentially millions of end users and billions in addressable market share in the United States alone. We will approach our clients and business partners with consideration, transparency, and integrity – thereby creating a lasting solution and franchise.

TBT Difference

We marry time-tested therapies with new discoveries. The elegance of TBT comes from the fact that our base solutions derive from scientifically validated FDA approved drugs – which will greatly shorten the approval path and lower our cost base. The underlying component has over 40 years of safe track records and a near household name amongst the general public and medical community.

TBT Approach

Our sciences has be validated by multiple independent research groups in animals and humans.  TBT is re-purposing compounds for topical administration that are already approved by the FDA for oral use, thereby materially reducing the timeline to delivering a superior solution to the patients that desperately need them. TBT aims to be a safe, transparent, and appropriately priced leader in problematic skin condition therapy

TBT Team

The team at TBT is strong and diverse, representing a cross section of start-up, biotech, and business experience. The advisory board has decades of experience in the marketplace and is an active contributor to the future direction and success of TBT. 

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